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About Us

Pro- Active is an Erasmus+ course provider with evidence-based and PRACTICE-DRIVEN in-service teacher training.

With a team of highly experienced trainers and coaches we support teachers in their personal and professional development as it is committed to quality, innovation and European cooperation. We firmly believe that European cooperation including mobility, exchanges and mutual learning has strong benefits to individuals and European Community, contributing to building of a common European identity.


As the European Centre of Teachers' Professional Development we want to change the world for the better by empowering teachers to build a Better World.

ProActive provides teachers with continuing education courses in innovative teaching methods within the framework of Erasmus+. Our training courses are eligible to be 100% funded by the Erasmus plus key action 1 (KA1 learning mobility of individuals).

Teachers, trainers, headmasters and any other school, university and adult education staff are all eligible to receive an Erasmus plus grant covering all the training course costs including travel, board and lodging and course fee. 

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