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  • Persons applying (“Applicants”) to undertake a course provided by Pro-Active (“PA”) are responsible for reading, understanding and signing these Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”). If you have any questions regarding the applicability or interpretation of these T&Cs, please contact Pro-Active,

  • These T&Cs apply to all students (“Students”),

  • Applicants are required to be at least 18 years of age.

  • While PA undertake every effort to help and support Students throughout their stay  during the course PA do not accept responsibility for any injury, loss, damage or harm of whatsoever nature (“Harm”) that Students may incur during their stay over the course.

  • The Applicant agrees not to hold  PA responsible for Harm arising directly as a result of their/the respective Minor Student’s own negligence or misbehaviour in any manner.

  • The Applicant agrees that it is each Student’s responsibility to be in possession of an insurance policy that covers their civil liability, third party liability as well as health and injury insurance coverage (including death) throughout their stay over the course.

  • The Applicant agrees to inform PA of any medical, physical, or psychological condition suffered by them/the respective Minor Student which might affect their stay or that of other Students; provided that the Applicant understands and agrees that PA shall not be held responsible for Students’ well-being and safety, even when informed of any such condition.

  • PA  reserves the right to exclude any Applicant or Student from any service applied for, if in the opinion of PA the behaviour of such person/s in any manner - is such so as to compromise or threaten to compromise the health and safety of other Students or of staff; or brings, or is likely to bring, the name of PA into disrepute.

  • The Student will be provided with a student ID card which must be carried them with at all times.

  • PA reserves the right take photos or videos on the school’s premises, which may be used for promotional material.



  • The personal information provided by the Applicant/Student to PA as a result of any application for, or enrolment in, any PA Service (“Personal Data”) shall be processed in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (the General Data Protection Regulation – the “GDPR”) and all other applicable Privacy and Data Protection Legislation.

  • Personal Data shall be processed solely for administrative purposes including but not limited to taking of attendance and processing of payments. In line with this, Personal Data shall be accessible to those employees, advisors and service providers of PA who are required to process it by virtue of their roles and responsibilities, and the same in accordance with all applicable GDPR provisions.

  • Personal Data will not be disclosed to third parties without the express consent of the Applicant/Student unless strictly required by law, regulation or government order, unless the said data has been provided specifically for the purposes of taking up a service provided by third parties.

  • The Applicant/Student has the right, in respect of their Personal Data held and processed by PA and subject to the terms laid out in the GDPR, to request access thereto, to request correction if such data is inaccurate and/or its erasure if its processing is unnecessary, to request restriction of processing, to object to PA’ processing thereof, and to data portability.



The Proactive Course Registration Form should be submitted at



All the courses will be confirmed once at least 5 participants are registered. Bookings are not confirmed until official enrolment confirmation is provided.

The Proactive reserves the right to cancel the course up to 60 days before the course start date in case of the participants registered for the course are fewer than 5 people.

We recommend that you do not book flights or accommodation until The Proactive has confirmed the course will take place in the proposed dates.


  • The Proactive will issue an invoice and indicate the payment terms  as soon as The Course Registration Form will be submitted. 

  • The client has twelve  business days to pay the course fee.

  • If the client pays the course fee after the deadline specified in the invoice  the ProActive has a right to refuse the participant admission to the Course

  • All course fees need to be paid in full by bank transfer 

  • The Course Registration Form should be submitted  at least 1 month  before the start date of the course

  • All payments  should be made in Euros, in a non-cash form, to the bank account of theThe Proactive indicated in the invoice or another currency which will be converted to Euro € at the rate of exchange on the date received.

  • All bank charges for payment by Bank Transfer are to be paid by the client.

  • When proceeding with the course payment please indicate either the invoice number or your name and surname, the title of the course and the course dates in the subject of your bank transfer.


  • Pre-arrival information pack

  • Tuition delivered by an expert tutor in English

  • Training materials

  • Coffee corner

  • Issuing Europass and Mobility Certificates



The Proactive reserves the right to modify the course programme published on the website due to necessary  modifications introduced by the Tutor.



The following applies to any cancellations made by Applicants or Students once the booking has been confirmed:

  • If the participant cancels the course less than 60 days before the course commences the fee is not refundable.

  • Should Students require a re-scheduling of their course or lessons (in whole or in part, subject to availability), they shall notify PA in writing at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the course/lessons start date via email to 

  • Should the Student be unable to attend any PA course, PA will issue a tuition credit voucher (“Credit Voucher”) for such amount corresponding to Tuition/Course fees paid (excluding tuition service charges, which shall be forfeited).

  • In this case Erasmus Plus documents and Euro passes cannot be issued.

  • The following shall apply to Credit Vouchers:

    • They are valid for a period of eighteen (12) months from date of issue;

    • They can be transferred to a friend or family member and the student should inform PA of this transfer in writing via email to  and

    • They will only be accepted upon presentation at the time of booking.

    • Notwithstanding the above, Students who require a visa or temporary residence permit will not be able to shorten their course due to the terms and conditions set by the authorities, otherwise the visa/temporary residence permit will no longer be valid.

  • PA  will not be held responsible for any decisions taken by the authorities regarding study VISAs, applications for entry or extensions of the same.

  • PA  can issue Students with a letter of acceptance for visa purposes (“Letter of Acceptance”). PA shall charge a non-refundable fee of €50 for a Letter of Acceptance. Applicants who request a Letter of Acceptance must affect full payment of the total tuition due (as per the applicable invoice) prior to the Letter of Acceptance being issued.

  • The Letter of Acceptance will state the start and end date of the Student’s enrolment with PA which dates will correspond strictly to the period of validity of the required visa or temporary residence permit.

  • PA  shall not be held responsible for any failure to fulfil any of its obligations if this is caused by any force majeure event (with PA doing its due diligence and without incurring additional costs). Force majeure events are events beyond PA’ reasonable control, which event be prevented or avoided, and shall include (but shall not be limited) to general labour disturbance (such as a boycott, strike), natural disasters, unusually adverse weather conditions, closure of the language school for any reason, infectious diseases, any epidemic or pandemic (including COVID-19, and other communicable diseases), or any action taken by a government or public authority, including prohibition of entry into a country or region of a country, quarantine measures, or the ordering of quarantine or “lockdown” of whole or part of a country, or of individuals providing PA Services.

Important conditions related to PA Tuition Services

  • Lessons at PA can take place both in the morning or afternoon.

  • The course consists of 20 hours per week / 40 hours per two weeks with each lesson being 45 minutes.

  • Lessons shall not take place on National or Public Holidays.

  • PA will compensate for this by giving an additional hours throughout the course week duration.

  • In the event that there are less than five applicants on any given Course offered by PA  shall automatically apply a reduction of the course duration (“Daily Reduction Procedure”), as outlined in the table below.

Daily Reduction Procedure (with reference to standard 5-day week)

Students Enrolled

 3 to 4 Students


Reduced to 4 days per week (semi-private)

  • The reduction of each day or half day is to be calculated, in terms of hours, in relation to the number of hours of tuition offered weekly to the Student for the particular course on which that student is enrolled.

  • Should the Student not wish such “Daily Reduction Procedure” to apply and wishes to increase the hours, the Student has the option of taking the full number of normally-applicable days per week (and hours per day) against an additional payment, to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

  • PA keeps daily attendance records. Students are to attend classes regularly. Students will only receive an end-of-course certificate if they score an attendance of 80 % or more.

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