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English Language Improvement and Digital skills

Uśmiechnięty student siedzący przy biurku

The course is directed to teachers and staff working at schools who wish to improve English language skills such as speaking, listening, reading and writing by using innovative IT solutions. It is aimed at B1 (Intermediate) to B2 (Upper-Intermediate) participants. Applicants will develop through individual, pair and group work during the workshops run with the use of communicative approach. During the training candidates will be introduced to new vocabulary, which will be used in the context of enhancing four language skills and grammatical issues. The vocabulary will be revised with emphasis on pronounciation and grammar. Afterwards communication activities will be implemented in order to revise and build participants’ self-confidence when speaking English. The course is aimed at those who want to improve not only their language competencies but also who would like to get familiar with user friendly IT tools and applications like Canva, vocaroo, lyricstrainig, mentimeter and quizziz used throughout the training. By the end of the course the participants will have developed speaking, listening, writing and reading skills, extended their knowledge of English grammar and pronunciation, made progress in communicating in English. Moreover, they will benefit from using variety of digital solutions.

Methods and tools:

  • Lectures and presentations, exercises, discussions, teamwork, group work, role-playing, interactive activities

It includes:

  • 20/40 hours of classes spread over 5/10 course days,

  • Learning Materials,

  • Optional Cultural Activities and Visits,

  • Participants’ Evaluation Feedback,

  • Certificate of Attendance and Europass mobility

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