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Day 1

  • Let’s meet - Team building activities.

  • Arrangements, presentation of timetable, information about the course venue.

  • The objectives of the training course - team contract.

  • Introduction on innovative teaching strategies of the 21st century.

Day 2

  • Don't stop teaching! Looking for new innovative approaches

  • Active and personalised strategies. Promoting students' active participation in their learning process - Educational materials and practice in the workshop (teamwork).

  • Flipped classroom. Resulting in a better outcome.

  • Sharing ideas – discussions.

Day 3

  • Gamification skills. Game-based education to make teaching more interactive.

  • ICT tools. Digital competences (workshop).

  • Creating interactive learning games.

Day 4

  • Problem-based learning. Introducing a STEM method.

  •  Project-based learning and critical thinking. Getting real-life experiences.

  • Outdoor education. Experimenting problem solving g

Day 5

  • Future cooperation and follow up activities.

  • Interactive educational games and open digital recourses.

  •  Course Evaluation.

  • Certificates.

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