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Day 1

  • Let’s meet - Team building activities.

  • Arrangements, presentation of timetable, information about the course venue.

  • The objectives of the training course - team contract.

  • Introduction to CLIL Methodology.

Day 2

  • CLIL in European schools.

  • Can we teach everything in a foreign language?

  • Examples of CLIL lessons.

  • How to prepare a good CLIL lesson?

Day 3

  • What do we know about Portugal (Lisbon)?

  • Basic information about European Culture.

  • How to teach culture in a foreign language?

  • Is culture an important part of our life?

  • Setting the task by participants.

Day 4

  • Educational materials and practice in the workshop (teamwork):

  • Planning individual stages of the CLIL project.

  • Gathering source materials and information to complete the task.

  • Preparing materials for a good CLIL lessons (posters, notes, photos, activities etc.)

Day 5

  • Presenting and discussing the results of work in teams in the forum of the whole group.

  • Sharing ideas – discussions.

  • How to start CLIL in our schools.

  • Course Evaluation.

  • Certificates.

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