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Day 1

  • Let’s meet - Team building activities.

  • Introductory meeting, arrangements, presentation of timetable, information about course venue.

  • The objectives of the training course - team contract.

  • Introduction on entrepreneurship in school education.

Day 2

  • Business teacher training programs and methods

  • What is creativity? How can creativity be stimulated? - Educational materials and practice in the workshop (teamwork).

  • Sharing ideas - discussions.

Day 3

  • Entrepreneurship in school education. Soft skills –Key to the success.
    Building soft skills in an Entrepreneurship environment and in the classroom (workshop).

  • Study Visit.

Day 4

  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving – a lecture

  • Using inquiry to solve real-world problems with innovation, creativity and curiosity – role-playing

  • Introducing a collaborative problem-solving and decision-making process – group work

Day 5

  • Virtual learning environment for Entrepreneurship Education - digital and financial literacy content in developing videos/podcasts/tutorials
    Interactive educational games and open digital recourses.

  • Course Evaluation.

  • Certificates.

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