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Day 1

  • How mindful are you?

  • Why to be mindful? Moving toward mindful thinking and feeling 

  • Mindful doing 

  • Breathing exercises, techniques of meditation 

  • What is yoga- a journey, a path of enlightenment

  • Short history of yoga 

Day 2

  • Putting mindfulness into practice 

  • Managing painful emotions: anger, worry and anxiety, guilt 

  • Exercises and basic Asanas  

Day 3

  • Mindfulness at Work: interviews, meetings, presentations 

  • Mindfulness for self- esteem: confidence, self-esteem and loneliness 

  • Mindfulness with others: listening, managing criticism, forgiving, persuading and motivating 

Day 4

  • Practising reducing stress exercises

  • How to change negative into positive 

  • How to get rid of unwanted thoughts - techniques and methods

  • What technique is the best for me, what is the most helpful 

Day 5

  • Self- awareness and self- regulation - what they have in common 

  • Primary sources of stress 

  • The areas of stress factors 

  • Expanding your knowledge of stress, looking from other perspective 

  • Course evaluation

  • Certificates

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