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Day 1

  • Introduction to the course; 

  • Presentations of the participants; 

  • Icebreakers activities; 

  • The idea of Multicultural Education in modern EU societies.

Day 2

  • Identifying our own biases. 

  • Understanding cultural background of students; 

  • Advantages and disadvantages of being a teacher in a multicultural group; 

  • Basic terms; 

  • Similarities and differences between migrants and refugees;

  • Inclusion of migrants and refugee students in the EU educational system. 

Day 3

  • Gender Studies in various sciences;

  • Women and men and their social roles now and in the past; 

  • Girls and boys from different backgrounds in the classroom;

  • Differences between sex, sexuality, gender and gender identity;

  • Identification of sexuality;

  • Coming out.

Day 4

  • Intolerance and bullying; 

  • What’s the difference between tolerance and acceptance; 

  • Building a community within the classroom; 

  • Connecting students from different backgrounds to the local community. 

Day 5

  • The role of European law in promoting equality; 

  • Dealing with discrimination in European schools; 

  • Violence in European countries; 

  • Evaluation of the course. 

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