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Day 1

  •  Welcome and course orientation

  •  Concepts and basics: transitioning from non-speaker to the conversationalist

  •  Introduction to communicative strategies

  •  Basic sentence structure (subject-verb-object)

  •  Conversational practice

Day 2

  •  Introduction to Spanish conjugation

  •  Expressing yourself correctly without complex conjugation

  •  Present tense verb conjugation (regular verbs) and patterns

  • Role-playing scenarios for practice

Day 3

  •  Expanding verb conjugation (irregular verbs)

  •  Forming questions in Spanish

  •  Developing listening comprehension skills

  • Interactive role-play activities beyond the classroom

Day 4

  •  Introduction to "handy" past tense (preterito compuesto)

  • Conjugation of the "haber" verb and its use in communication

  •  Role-play exercises for discussing past events

  •  Strategies to avoid using the simple past tense

Day 5

  •  Venturing into the “handy” future tense (voy + a)

  • Crafting statements and questions in the future tense

  • Role-playing scenarios with future tense verbs

  • Comprehensive review of tenses: present, past, and future

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