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Leadership and Risk & Reputation Management in Education

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Main objective

The main objective of this course is to provide and develop the knowledge as well as capacity to understand and practice the concepts of leadership from perspective of the education sector and public administration. Through review and analyses of selected number of leadership concepts course participants will be learning how they can be applied in real life, moreover, engaging in dialogues about how they understand leadership they become active and critical participants.



a) Course participants understand the concepts and theories of leadership, with emphasis on education sector and public administration;

b) Course participants gain perspective and inspiration of developing their own contextualized leadership efficacy and capacity in the organizations and communities;

c) Course participants understand the importance of the risk and reputation management within the organization;

d) Cover several interactive techniques and offer training methodologies.



The course will explore the character of the leadership, the reputation and possible risks to it. We will integrate theoretical lectures, as well as discussions and teamwork to support individual learning experience. The course will be rich in real-life case studies of leaders’ dilemmas, flawed decision-making and how the reputation has been lost (or regained). Course participants will be challenged to determine the best ways to respond to crises contained in the cases if they were a leader of the organization. The course will provide an engaging programme that offers participant a chance to dive into a world of real life examples and learn many useful skills in their daily life and make progress in their career development. Some other tools used will consist of group presentation, small group discussions, negotiation practice, reflection and evaluation.



  • To provide to course participants the overview of important concepts and  theories of leadership;

  • To introduce course participants the methodology and tools for analysing leadership theories from critical perspective;

  • To cultivate the perspective necessary to engage with the leadership theories as active; and critical learner;

  • To improve understanding of the risk and reputation management;

  • To develop negotiating skills and decision-making awareness;

  • Strengthening the European cooperation and collaboration among course participants;

  • Developing intercultural skills and mutual understanding.

Methods and tools:

  • Lectures and presentations, exercises, small group discussions, teamwork, case studies, interactive activities, group project and presentation

It includes:

  • 20 hours of classes spread over 5 course days

  • Learning materials

  • Participant’s evaluation feedback

  • Certificate of Attendance

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