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Spanish Communicative Course


This Spanish course is designed to quickly develop communication skills in Spanish without diving into complex grammar details. It's perfect for beginners who want to become proficient in conversational Spanish in a short time.

Emphasizes oral skills and comprehension of the spoken language. Through various interactive, group activities, beginning-level grammar necessary for a basic understanding of the Spanish language is covered. Personal and professional uses of the language are presented as is information on Spanish culture.  The price for the course includes: course fee, coffee corner, tickets to the botanical garden, lunch in a local traditional restaurant, certification, and support fee.

Learning objectives:

  • Improved speaking skills and pronunciation in English

  • Improved Spanish vocabulary, with focus on that for everyday communication

  • Improved writing skills in Spanish

  • Development of knowledge on Spanish grammatical rules

  • Improved comprehension of spoken Spanish by listening

  • Familiarity with helpful tools and methods for further education

  • Enhanced communication skills in the international environment

  • Enriched language skills through direct contact with native speakers

  • Development the ability to converse in Spanish

  • Building grammar foundation to support your language skills

  • Effective adaptation during your stay in Spanish-speaking country

  •  Cultural awareness for a better stay: cultivate cultural awareness to enrich your stay and interactions during the course

Methods and tools:

  • Lectures and presentations, exercises, discussions, teamwork, group work, role-playing, study visits , interactive activities

It includes:

  • 20/40 hours of classes spread over 5/10 course days,

  • Learning Materials,

  • Optional Cultural Activities and Visits,

  • Participants’ Evaluation Feedback,

  • Certificate of Attendance and Europass mobility

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