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Multicultural and Gender Diversity in Education

Trzech przyjaciół

Multicultural education is both a challenge for teachers and students. The training focuses on different ethnicities, cultures, religions and genders in the field of socio-cultural identity. Participants will critically analyse existing beliefs about diversity and human "nature". During the course we will combine knowledge from many fields to understand students from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We will also combine knowledge from many fields such as feminism, human sexuality and gender approaches in literature, psychoanalysis, philosophy, history and sociology. Participants will be familiarized with the elements of European law concerning equality policy, discrimination, migration, gender mainstreaming and the LGBTQ+ movement.

Through this course participants will:

  • understand the concepts of multicultural education and sexuality;

  • be aware of the differences between the terms connected with the idea of multicultural education, sex and gender;

  • be able to discuss about  ethnicity, equality, diversity, sexuality based on the European standards; 

  • deal with discrimination at school;

  • create an inclusive environment at school;

  • be able to listen to students and help them solve problems;

  • be able to guide their students in their sexual identification and assimilation;

Methods and tools:

  • Lectures and presentations, exercises, discussions, teamwork, group work, role-playing, study visits , interactive activities

It includes:

  • 20/40 hours of classes spread over 5/10 course days,

  • Learning Materials,

  • Optional Cultural Activities and Visits,

  • Participants’ Evaluation Feedback,

  •  Certificate of Attendance and Europass mobility

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