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ICT Teaching Skills

Wspólne biuro


The main aim of the course is to prepare teachers who still feel insecure and struggle with IT tools and applications to use some of them in order to prepare teaching materials, introduce variety into their lessons, revise and check students’ knowledge in a teacher-friendly and time saving way. The course consists of two parts theoretical and practical. During the theoretical section participants will obtain the general knowledge of the below proposed applications, ways of using them in practice and possibilities they give. After that, the practical part will follow during which teachers can use previously given information to learn how to use the applications to create their own materials based on given tasks. The course will consist of 5 modules (lessons).


reliable Internet access and efficient Internet use

Methods and tools:

  • Lectures and presentations, exercises, discussions, teamwork, group work, role-playing, study visits , interactive activities

It includes:

  • 20/40 hours of classes spread over 5/10 course days,

  • Learning Materials,

  • Optional Cultural Activities and Visits,

  • Participants’ Evaluation Feedback,

  •  Certificate of Attendance and Europass mobility

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